Mixing disco, funk, electro, and five-part harmonies, Australian quintet Parcels feature keyboardist/vocalists Patrick Hetherington and Louie Swain, bassist/vocalist Noah Hill, guitarist/vocalist Anatole Serret, and drummer/vocalist Jules Crommelin. The group officially formed in 2014, when the five friends settled on this musical direction after years of playing in projects ranging from folk to metal. Parcels recorded their first EP as their high-school years came to a close, then moved to Berlin. Soon after, they caught the attention of trend-setting label Kitsuné, which signed the band and released a string of singles and EPs, including 2016's Herefore, which featured remixes by Roisto, Her, and Onda. Early the following year, the Hideout EP arrived. In the summer of 2017, Parcels collaborated with Daft Punk, who produced and co-wrote the single "Overnight." The following year, they issued singles "Tieduprightnow" and "Bemyself," the first offerings from their debut effort.